Let us Refresh Your Website & Re-Build a Mobile Friendly & Local SEO Optimized Site

A BYD Companies' Subsidiary.

At BYD Companies, we understand Small Business.  After years of working with businesses, we fine tuned our website hosting services, website backup and disaster restoration, and consulting services in to PERSONAL experience.  Why not have a single point of contact for your IT and web related needs for your business at a fair price, without having to worry about the details of your technology, website and internet marketing needs.  Our other companies below offer services from Google Street View Virtual Tours, by a Google Trusted Photographer in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  We also offer specalized live lead generation for small to medium service based businesses with complete call tracking solutions, call recording, tracking and lead source identification.  Don't spend a dime on advertising unless you know exactly where the lead source is coming from.  Call us today for all of your website design, seo, internet marketing, and consulting needs today.  Serving Tulsa, Ok.  Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas.


We will Re-build Your Website with Local SEO on a Mobile Friendly Responsive Platform



A 360º Virtual Tour Inside Your Business, that places you Inside Google Maps.  Get Listed. Get Found.


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Small Business Local Lead Generation Websites from $3000 and up

Payment Plans Available

Website Hosting from $20/month.



Website Marketing Consulting, Keyword Research, Management, Wordpress Backup and Restoration Services


Daily, Weekly or Monthly Managed Backups and Disaster Restoration Services.  Starting at $50/month/website

Offsite Online Storage for Your Website with Setup and Integration.  Starting at $10/month

A BYD Companies' Subsidiary.

We understand Small Business, being one ourselves.  After years of understading the pains of business owners, we fine tuned our consulting on website design and rebuilding your existing website on a new mobile friendly platform.  

Since we are small we strive to offer a more personalized experience with you. By taking over the management of your website hosting, managing your wordpress backups personally, we are there for you if the worst happens. We will restore your website usually within 24-48 hours.  

Protect your investment with our services.  Be Found.  Earn more Money.  Sleep Easier with Peace of Mind. Let us create a single point of contact for your IT and web related needs at a fair price.  Put an end   to Your worries about the details of your technology, website and internet marketing needs. We will handle it all for you!

We staff a Google Maps Street View Trusted Photographer who is a local SEO and Adwords expert.  Our websites consistently rank on the first page of Google without ongoing and expensive SEO fees, that normally range from $500-$2000 per month!

We approach rebuilding your website in a local SEO niche based marketing strategy. This includes, highly specialized copywriting that "magically" make your site appear on Google, Google Maps, Google+, Yahoo, Bing and Apple Maps.  This will make you VISIBLE to people looking for your products and servies.


They were basically glorified brochures, that never made our phones ring.  People rarely found them with online searches unless we specificly told them about our sites.

We can all remember websites we've paid for that really didn't pan out for us.  

Being that we have an "in" with our  Google Maps Street View Trusted Photographer, we will verify your business with your Name, Address, and Phone (NAP) making sure you show up as legit.

As part of your local branding you may choose to have a 360º Virtual Tour of your business that appears inside Google Maps and Google Search.  This links to your phone and website with GPS for your customers to find your business.

We'll fix your category information to help you be Found by what You Do not Who You Are.

Instead of charging you an large ongoing SEO fees.  WE INTEGRATE THESE LOCAL SEO TECHNIQUES INTO OUR WEBSITE RE-BRAND AND REFRESH, we charge a one time fee that is reflected in our website pricing.

We build websites sites that get found and increase your business' Bottom Line.

Serving All of America, but are local to:

Tulsa, OK & Oklahoma City, OK.

We travel to the areas on the map in red:

Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas


We specialize in business that require a Speed to Lead solutions:  Businesses where customers want your services now, and if you DON'T answer the phone, they'll call the next person and buy from them because they answered their phone.   Call tracking solutions start at $20/month.

Managed call tracking solutions

Call recording with web access

Lead source identification

Dynamic Adword Keyword to Sale Identification

Web Lead Submission to Live Call Connection


New Businesses part of our  Subsidiary.